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Taxation Course for Share Market

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In today’s financial landscape, share market investment and trading have become integral components of wealth management and personal finance strategies. However, navigating the complexities of taxation related to share market transactions can be daunting. Understanding the intricate provisions of income tax law is essential for accurate computation and timely filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR).

This comprehensive and practical course, “Taxation Course for Share Market,” is designed to demystify the complexities of share market taxation. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the various aspects of share market income, tax implications, and the correct procedures for ITR filing. Course is updated by Finance Act 2024 and relevant for AY 2024-25 ITR Filing.

Course Content

Conceptual Understanding 

  • Intro to Topic
  • Classification of correct head of Income
  • Point of Taxation in Share Market Transactions
  • Rate of Tax under Capital Gain and PGBP
  • Taxation on dividend income
  • Classification of Share Market Transaction under Capital Gain
  • Taxability of Equity Share under head Capital Gains
  • Taxability of STCG of Equity Share Sec 111A
  • Chapter VI A deduction under Sec 111A
  • Rebate of Sec 87A under Sec 111A
  • Taxability of LTCG of Equity Share under Sec 112A
  • Concept of indexation in capital gains
  • No indexation benefit under section 112A
  • Classification of Long Term and Short-Term capital gains
  •  Grandfathering Provision for LTCG in equity shares
  • Treatment of Basic exemption limit for Capital Gain
  • Reporting of share market transaction in ITR
  • STT deduction in capital gain
  • Taxability of Equity Share under head PGBP
  • Delivery Based Share Trading
  • Intraday Share Trading
  • Taxability of FnO & Derivative Transactions
  • Turnover Limit for Tax Audit in Share Trading
  • Documents for ITR Filing of share market
  • Income Tax Computation of Share Market
  • Correct ITR for Share Market Trader

Tax Audit Requirement

  • Provisions of Sec 44AB
  • Inter linkage of 44AB with 44AD
  • Turnover Limit for Tax Audit
  • Profit Limit for Tax Audit
  • Tax Audit in case of Loss
  • Tax Audit in case of FnO

ITR Filing AY 2024-25

  • 4 Demat report analysis
    • 5 Paisa
    • Zerodha
    • Upstock
    • Grow
  • FnO Turnover Calculation updated.
  • Computation of Income
  • Special rate of income
  • Live ITR Filing

Taxability for Salaried individuals

  • Computation of Income in Excel
  • Computation of LTCG & STCG
  • Applicability of grandfathering provisions
  • Basics of ITR 2
  • Complete Filing of ITR 2

Taxability for Business individuals

  • Tax Treatment of intraday transactions
  • Tax Treatment of FnO Transactions
  • Tax Treatment of share trading Income/Loss
  • Computation of LTCG & STCG
  • Computation of Total Income
  • Complete ITR 3 Filing for Profit
  • Complete ITR 3 Filing for Loss

(All Sessions are updated by Finance Act 2024)


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What Will You Learn?

  • Taxation for share traders
  • Turnover calculation for Intraday
  • Turnover calculation for FnO
  • Tax audit requirement for traders and investors
  • ITR 2 computation and filing
  • ITR 3 computation and filing
  • Practical case of STCG us 111A
  • Practical case of LTCG us 112A
  • Understand Tax PnL & Cap Gain reports
  • Tax Harvesting
  • Grandfathering provisions
  • FnO Loss ITR Filing
  • Intraday profit and turnover reporting
  • Taxation on ESOPs
  • Taxation and reporting US stocks

Course Content

Type of Transaction in share market

  • Overview and Type of Transaction in share market

Head of Income

Classification of share market transactions

Classification of capital gain

Normal Income Tax Rate

Special Income Tax Rates

Grandfathering provisions

Tax Harvesting

Turnover Calculation

Difference in AIS & Tax PnL Report

Short Term Capital Gain calculation us 111A

Long Term Capital Gain calculation us 112A

How to select correct ITR Form?

ITR 2 Computation for share market

ITR 2 Filing for share market

Tax Audit Checker

ITR 3 computation for share market

ITR 3 Filing for share market (Loss)

ITR 3 Filing for share market (profit)

US Stock Taxation

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3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
No word for this course because course was helpful in share market transaction. I am very happy after doing this course, and also able to file Share market transaction ITR. Thank You and Please update this course regularly for future updates and practical fillings.
1 month ago
1 month ago
Course was very detailed and informative.
3 months ago
3 months ago
5 months ago
Thanks for lot of knowledge
One of the Best Course for Share Market Transaction. Explained the Share Market Transaction in very Simple and Lucid manner. I am very happy after doing this course. I recommend everyone should do this course. Thanks a lot Vivek Sir for design such a wonderful course.
1 year ago
Nice course. This course was helpful in filing my return in the AY 2022-23. On thing that I came across was more than 50% of the content was available for free in YT of Fin Tax Pro. Those who are interested in gaining knowledge and filing return on their own, should go for this course.
2 years ago
Really Great course. Everything is explained in detail. Easy to understand. And very good customer support.

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