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Practical Course in ROC

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This Course on ROC provides you the In-Depth knowledge of Company Incorporation, Various Compliances, DIN , Appointment of Directors, Filing of various Forms, Documentation, Overview of MCA Sites, Upload Various Forms in MCA. Also this course is updated with Version 3 portal of MCA. Following Topics will be cover in course


LLP Compliances

  • RUN-LLP (Reserve unique Name)
  • Fillip Incorporation of LLP
  • Form 3- LLP agreement and changes
  • Form 4- Notice for changes of information of partner
  • Form 8- Statement of Account and Solvency
  • Form 11- Annual Return of LLP
  • Form 12- Form for intimating other address for service of Documents
  • Form 15- Notice for change of place of registered office

Company Compliances

  • RUN- Application for changes of name of existing company
  • SPECe+ Form- Reserve name for new company incorporation Form DIR-3- KYC- KYC of Directors
  • Form DIR-3-KYC- KYC- WEB- Verify Director’s KYC Details
  • Form CHG-4-Intimation of satisfaction of charge
  • Form CHG-1-Intimation of creation /modification of charge (other than those related to debentures)
  • Form DPT4 – statement regarding deposits existing on the commencement of the act
  • Form DPT 3 – Return of deposits
  • DIR-3- Application for allotment of DIN
  • DIR-3C- Intimation of DIN by the company
  • DIR-6- Change in particulars of Directors
  • DIR-12-Appointment of Directors and KMP
  • DIR-11- Resignation of a director
  • DIR-5- Surrender of DIN
  • DIR-10- Removal of disqualification of directors
  • DIR-9- Disqualification of Directors
  • INC-22- Notice of situation of registered office
  • MR-1- Appointment of MD/WTD/Manager
  • INC-20A- Declaration for commencement of business
  • INC-23- Application to shift Registered Office
  • FORM MGT-7A-Form for filing annual return by OPCs and Small company.
  • FORM MGT 7- Form for filing annual return other than OPC and small company
  • AOC- 4 Form for filing financial statement and other documents with the Registrar
  • ADT-1 Information to the Registrar by Company for appointment of Auditor
  • ADT-3 Notice of Resignation by the Auditor


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What Will You Learn?

  • Company Incorporation
  • OPC Incorporation
  • Sec 8 Company
  • LLP Incorporation
  • Company Compliance
  • LLP Compliance
  • LLP Form 3 Filing
  • LLP Form 4 Filing
  • LLP Form 8 Filing
  • LLLP Form 11 Filing
  • DIR 3 KYC
  • MGT 7/MGT 7A
  • INC 20A
  • INC 22
  • DPT 3
  • DPT 4
  • INC 23
  • ADT 1
  • ADT 3

Course Content

Overview of LLP Incorporation

  • Overview of LLP Incorporation

LLP Name Reservation

LLP Incorporation

LLP Form 3

LLP Form 8

LLP Form 11

How to apply for DIN


Company incorporation

INC 20A Filing

DPT 3 Filing

MGT 07 Filing

MGT 07A Filing

AOC 04 Filing

ADT 1 Filing

ADT 3 Filing

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2 months ago
Form 8 Practical Class missing in Course Video.
4 months ago
The course was brief and having overall insights in both technical and practical aspects of ROC filings.
6 months ago
Good learning. Some more aspects like Director appointment/resignation forms, CSR compliances can also be included in the course.
9 months ago
very bad experience with this faculty he is not updating new video since long time, even after made many request.
10 months ago
Rajat sir dont teach. what he does is he just reads the pdf available with him and do practical reading on the website. I wish i could ask them for refund. I felt i wasted my time by taking this course. Not Recommended at all.

However i can tell vivek sir is quite intresting and impressive in his teaching ( I saw his youtibe videos). I wish this course would have been taken by him.
10 months ago
Enrolled on first day of launch of course, a few videos were available to watch and even those videos are not made in sequence of syllabus...Till date only one new video is updated even after so many requests made to team. Waste of money
Please upload AOC-4 and MGT-7 video
11 months ago
Thanks, Rajat sir for providing us with this course because of this course I have incorporated PVT Limited Company "KUSHWAHA ARTIST PRIVATE LIMITED". Sir, you teach roc compliance very easily and provided us necessary attachments
1 year ago
Teachers like you who possess the ability to break down complex concepts, infuse learning with fun, and deliver outstanding lectures have a profound influence on students. They make the learning process more accessible, enjoyable, and impactful. My positive experience is a testament to the valuable guidance provided by CA Rajat Garg sir, which has undoubtedly contributed to my growth and learning.
1 year ago
Your course help me a lot ,you are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words! I honestly would have never understand Company Incorporation or LLP compliance without your guidance! Thank you so much once again!
1 year ago
The outstanding lecture on INC 20A showcases Rajat sir's ability to deliver exceptional content. His expertise and in-depth knowledge of the subject shine through, enabling him to provide valuable insights and guidance. The enthusiasm and passion he brings to his teaching undoubtedly contribute to an enriching learning experience.

Overall, Rajat sir exemplifies the significance of a skilled and dedicated educator of ROC. His ability to simplify complex topics, create a light and enjoyable learning atmosphere, and deliver exceptional lectures makes him an invaluable guide in your educational journey,Thanking him for his guidance.
1 year ago
It was wonderful experience with Mr. Rajat Garg in online Classes. Online learning can sometimes present challenges in addressing student doubts and fostering engagement, but it seems Mr. Rajat Garg has gone above and beyond to create an effective and interactive learning environment for you.
It's impressive to hear that my difficulties in LLP incorporation were addressed through the course. Mr. Rajat Garg's comprehensive coverage of the relevant aspects and his ability to guide you through the intricacies of ROC compliance and demonstrates his expertise in the subject matter. The fact that you were able to overcome your challenges and gain a comprehensive understanding speaks volumes about his teaching effectiveness and the value of the course.
1 year ago
Students feel comfortable interacting with such a teacher, enabling effective communication and building strong teacher-student relationships. It promotes a sense of camaraderie, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging, Of course, knowledge is a vital aspect of a great teacher & CA Rajat Garg have expertise and comprehensive understanding of the ROC contribute significantly to your learning.
1 year ago
Enrolled on first day of launch of course, a few videos were available to watch and even those videos are not made in sequence of syllabus...Till date only one new video is updated even after so many requests made to team

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