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Indirect Tax Laws is one of the dynamic area for a tax professional. With GST, there has been a paradigm shift in the indirect taxation system in India. GST aims to make India a common market with common tax rates and procedures and remove the economical barriers thus, paving the way for an integrated economy at the national level. In our course GST Course with practical training, we have breakdown the provisions of law in such a lucid manner that a beginner will understand the concepts of GST from the basics and a professional could recapitulate and enhance their skills in GST.

The nitty-gritties of GST coupled with its inherent dynamism , makes the learning , understanding, practical application and analysis of the provisions of GST in problem solving very interesting and challenging. This course is designed keeping in view to upgrade the analytics and practical skills in GST.  This is the complete GST course with practical training where learners will understand the Provisions, Rules, Updates, Amendments, Finance Act 2021, Computations and Practical Filing of GST. Learners will also get the Notes, PDF and Excel sheets along with informative videos.

Course Content of GST Course

  1. Introduction to GST
    • Concept of GST in India
    • Need for GST in India
    • Framework of GST
    • GST Council
  2. Supply under GST
    • Concept of supply
    • Composite and mixed Supply
    • Taxability of composite & mixed Supply
  3. Charge of GST
    • Extend & Commencement of GST
    • Charge of GST
    • Levy & collection of GST
    • GST on e commerce
  4. Composition Levy in GST
    • Composition levy for traders & manufactures
    • Composition levy for restaurant services
    • Composition levy for other services
  5. RCM in GST
    • RCM on goods
    • RCM on Services
    • RCM from unregistered purchase
  6. Exempt Supply in GST
    • Exemptions of goods from GST
    • Exemption of services from GST
  7. Time of Supply in GST
    • TOS in case of Goods
    • TOS in case of Services
    • TOS in case of RCM
  8. Value of Supply in GST
    • Calculation of value of goods and service in GST
    • Valuation Rules for goods and services
  9. Place of Supply in GST
    • POS of goods within India
    • POS of services within India
    • POS of goods outside India
    • POS of services outside India
  10. Input Tax Credit in GST
    • Concept is ITC in GST?
    • Sec 16 Eligibility & Conditions for ITC
    • Clause (aa) of sec 16(1) added by FA 2021
    • Summary of sec 16
    • Sec 17 apportionment & Block Credits
    • Sec 17(5) Block Credits in GST
    • Rule 42 apportionment of input & input services
    • Rule 43 apportionment of capital goods
    • Sec 18 ITC in special circumstances
    • Sec 18(1)(a) ITC availment in case of mandatory registration
    • Sec 18(1)(b) ITC availment in case of voluntarily registration
    • Sec 18(1)(c) ITC availment from composite levy to regular
    • Sec 18(1)(d) ITC availment from exempt to taxable supply
    • ITC Forms in GST
    • Remaining provisions of sec 18
    • Sec 18(6) Supply of capital goods or plant and machinery
    • Sec 19 ITC on input or capital goods on goods send for Job work
    • Sec 20 ITC distribution by ISD
    • Recovery of ITC from ISD
    • List of sections and rules related to ITC
    • Rule 36(4) 5% provisional ITC
    • Manner and utilization of ITC
    • Rule 86A Condition of use of electronic credit ledger
    • Rule 86B Restriction on use of electronic credit ledger
    • How scam and bill treading happen in GST
  11. Tax Invoice, Debit Note & Credit Note in GST
    • Tax Invoice provisions and rules
    • Debit note and Credit note provisions
    • e invoicing
  12. Registration in GST
    • Concept of taxable person
    • Person liable for GST registration
    • Procedure for registration
    • Cancellation of registration
    • Practical session on GST Registration
    • Documents required for GST Registration
  13. Assessment & Audit in GST
    • Self assessment in GST
    • Provisional assessment in GST
    • Scrutiny of returns
    • Assessment of non filers of GST returns
    • Assessment of unregistered person
    • Summary assessment in GST
    • Audit by authorities
    • Special Audit
  14. Inspection, Search and Seizure in GST
    • Power of inspection, search & seizure
    • inspection of goods in movement
    • Power to arrest
    • Power to summon
    • Access to business premises
    • Officers to assist proper officers
  15. Demand & Recovery in GST
    • Determination of Tax under section 73
    • Determination of Tax under section 74
    • Tax collected but not deposited
    • Recovery proceedings
    • Transfer of property to be void
    • Tax to first charge on property
    • Provisional attachment to protect revenue interest
  16. Appeal in GST
    • Appeals to Appellant Authority
    • Powers of Revisional Authority
    • Appellant tribunal under GST
    • Mandatory deposit of pre deposit
    • Procedure of additional evidence before Appellant Authority
    • Appeal to High Court
    • Appeal to Supreme Court
    • Appeal not to be file in certain cases
  17. Advance Ruling in GST
    • Question for which Advance ruling can be sought
    • AAR and AAAR
    • Procedure for obtain Advance Ruling
    • Rectification of mistake
    • Advance ruling to be void in certain cases
  18. Types of Returns in GST
    • Overview of GSTR 1
    • Overview of GSTR 2A
    • Overview of GSTR 2B
    • Difference between GSTR 2A and 2B
    • Overview GSTR 3B
    • Overview of GSTR 4
    • Overview of CMP 08
    • Overview of GSTR 5
    • Overview of GSTR 6
    • Overview of GSTR 7
    • Overview of GSTR 8
    • Overview of GSTR 9 (Annual Return)
    • Overview of GSTR 9C
    • Overview of GSTR 10 (Final Return)
  19. Practical Session on GST Portal
    • Overview of GST Portal
    • How to search HSN Code?
    • How to verify GSTIN?
  20. Practical session on IFF
    • FAQ on IFF Filing
    • Understand the IFF Tables
    • Filing of IFF
  21. Practical session on ITC Reconciliation
    • How to arrange data
    • Using Excel for Reconciliation
    • Identify the default supplier in Excel
    • Follow up with suppliers
  22. Practical session on GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B
    • Understand tables of GSTR 2A Statement
    • Understand tables of GSTR 2B Statement
    • Difference between GSTR 2A & GSTR 2B
    • Analysis of GSTR 2A & GSTR 2B on GST Portal
  23. Practical sessions on GSTR 1
    • Understand Tables of GSTR 1
    • How to enter B2B supply in GSTR 1
    • How to enter B2C supply in GSTR 1
    • How to enter debit note and credit note
    • How to enter export invoices
    • HSN wise reporting in GSTR 1
    • Document wise reporting in GSTR 1
    • Use of offline tool for GSTR 1 Filing
    • Prepare JSON file for offline GSTR 1 Filing
    • Errors in JSON preparation
    • Filing of GSTR 1
  24. Practical session on GSTR 3B (Regular)

    • Understand Tables of GSTR 3B
    • Supplies to be enter under table 3.1
    • Supplies to be enter under table 3.2
    • ITC to be claim in table 4
    • Reversal of ITC in GSTR 3B
    • Challan preparation and payment on GST Portal
    • Setoff GST liability
    • Filing of GSTR 3B
  25. Practical session on GSTR 3B (QRMP)
    • Points to remember for quarterly 3B
    • Understand Tables of GSTR 3B
    • Supplies to be enter under table 3.1
    • Supplies to be enter under table 3.2
    • ITC to be claim in table 4
    • Reversal of ITC in GSTR 3B
    • Challan preparation and payment on GST Portal
    • Setoff GST liability
    • Filing of GSTR 3B Quarterly
  26. Practical session on GST Computation
    • Learn to prepare data for GST Filing
    • Use of Excel for data preparation
    • Classification of taxable, zero rated and exempt supply
    • Classification of eligible and ineligible ITC
    • ITC set off provisions and its application in computation
    • Application of Rule 36(4)
    • Mapping GSTR 2B and Book ITC data
    • Finalizing data for GST Returns
  27. Practical session on GSTR 9
    • Understand applicability of GSTR 9
    • Understand time limit to file GSTR 9
    • Data required to file GSTR 9
    • Understand all tables of GSTR 9
    • Adjustments required in GSTR 9
    • Payment of Tax through DRC 03
    • Filing of GSTR 9
  28. Practical session on GSTR 9C
    • Understand applicability of GSTR 9C
    • Self Certification update by FA 2021
    • Documents required to file GSTR 9C
    • Points to be reconcile in GSTR 9C
    • Difference between Gross Turnover and Taxable Turnover
    • Payment of unreconciled amount through DRC 03
    • Filing of GSTR 9C along with balance sheet and PnL
  29. Practical session on GST Computation (Online Seller)
    • Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho Sellers GST Computation
    • TCS computation
    • Filing GST TCS Return
    • Filing GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B for online sellers
  30. Practical session on GSTR 10
    • Filing application for GST Cancellation GST REG 16
    • Time limit for approval of application
    • Filing of GSTR 10
  31. Practical session on e invoicing
    • Intro to e invoice
    • GePP Tool for generating e invoice
    • Overview and limitation of GePP tool for e invoicing
    • Add Supplier Master in GePP tool
    • Add Recipient Master in GePP tool
    • Add Product Master in GePP tool
    • Filing Data for e invoicing in GePP tool
    • Generating JSON file from GePP tool
    • How to generate IRN and e invoicing
    • How to cancel e invoice
    • Time limit for cancelling e invoice
    • Bulk IRN generation in Excel Utility
    • Bulk e invoice generation Format A
    • Bulk e invoice generation Format B
    • Bulk e invoice generation Format C
    • Bulk e invoice generation Format D
    • Generating Bulk e invoice through Format A
    • Validating and Preparing JSON in Form A for e invoicing
    • Bulk e invoicing cancellation


(Please Note in this GST Course with Practical Training we regularly update the amendments and notifications issued by the CBIC)

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Registration process of GST with practical example
  • Learn about QRMP Scheme, IFF Facility & PMT-06
  • Learn to File Monthly GST Return GSTR 3B
  • Learn to File Return of Outward Supply - GSTR 1
  • Learn to File GSTR 9 with practical example
  • Learn e invoicing in GST
  • Input Tax Credit Computation and Set off ITC
  • Stepwise GST Computation with practical example
  • Learn to file Return for composite supplier - CMP08
  • Learn to reconcile Books with GSTR 2A, GSTR 2B
  • Understand different kind of Supply in GST Exempt, Nil, Zero Rated, Non-Taxable Supplies
  • CGST Rules (including amendment)
  • Variance in GSTR 1, GSTR 2B & GSTR 3B
  • Key Amendment by Budget 2021

Topics for this course

54 Lessons50h 05m

Intro to GST

Overview of GST

Supply under GST

Charge of GST

Composition Levy in GST?

In this session we will discuss the composition levy provided in GST Regime for small taxpayers


Exempt Supply in GST

Time of Supply in GST

Type of Supplies in GST?

Type of Supplies in GST

Value of Supply in GST

Place of Supply in GST

Registration in GST?

In this session we will learn about the GST Registration process

Input Tax Credit in GST

Tax Invoice, Debit Notes and Credit Note in GST

Assessment & Audit in GST?

Assessment & Audit in GST

Inspection, Search and Seizure in GST

Demand & Recovery in GST?

Demand & Recovery in GST

Appeal & Revision in GST?

Appeal & Revision in GST

Advance Ruling in GST?

Advance Ruling in GST

Returns in GST?

Overview of Return in GST

Overview of GST Portal?

Overview of GST Portal

Practical session on GSTR 1?

In this section learner will be able to learn about the GSTR 1

Practical session on IFF?

Practical Session on IFF

Practical session on ITC Reconciliation?

ITC Reconciliation in GST

Practical session on GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B?

In this section learner will be able to understand the objective and practical aspects of GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B Statement

Practical session on GSTR 3B (Regular)?

Analysis and Practical session on GSTR 3B

Practical session on GSTR 3B (QRMP)

Practical session on GST Computation?

In this session we will learn the detail process of GST computation

Practical session on GST Computation (Online Sellers)

Practical session on GSTR 9?

In this section we will discuss about the the annual return for regular supplier i.e GSTR 9

Practical session on GSTR 9C?

Practical Session on GSTR 9C

Practical session on GSTR 10?

GST Cancellation and GSTR 10

Practical Session on e invoicing


Course Completion Certificate

About the instructor

Vivek Awasthi

Founder, FinTaxPro

Professionally I am a  Tax consultant having experience of more than 6 years field of taxation, handling GST & Income Tax compliance along with giving online practical sessions and webinar to students and professionals. By our courses learner continue to learn & expanded their perspective & sharpened their skills in Indirect Taxation. I try to break down the complex provisions of GST & Income Tax in such a lucid manner that a learner could easily understand the theme and objective of law.

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Sir taught in great detail and yet made it comprehensive and easy to understand.

Basic concepts about Indian Indirect taxation (GST), very well illustrated course.

First I am appreciating the Lecturer Mr. Vivek Awasthy. He is giving nice explanation along with practical lectures. Of course, we can find some of the lectures in youtube, but they won't give more explanatory. In FinTaxPro, Vivek Sir is explaining as spoon feeding and this is very useful to the students who are going to start from Scratch on wards. For a Commerce Student/Professional, without GST/Tax, TDS and Return filingAlso(Direct Taxes),can not imagine. Wherever we go, these are inevitable, but again many of them know theoretically but don't know practically. By keeping in view of all these backdrops, might be started this type of online courses and I specially thankful to the team of FinTaxPro Vivek Sir and you are doing wonderful job. Whatever I incurred the money for paying as fees nothing any wastage, more ever it is PRODUCTIVE for me. Further, the lecturer is giving hand written notes and other explanatory notes in PDF form along with practical assignment is quite good. In addition to this, he is also answering to the queries raised by the learners. So, what else need? my answer is nothing.
I am requesting the respected Lecturer if possible to start some other topics like
1)Practical Customs
2)How to work(Accounting&Taxation(both Direct&Indirect) on Quick Books, Zoho books, Busy etc.,
3)How to close the books of accounts on Month wise or Year wise for MNC's (Core Accounting)?
On Month/Year wise, at the end of the month, how many days to close the books, Each day what are all the entries passing, how to get the confirmation for closing of the books? Like if you start any course, that will be fetching more to Students as well as professionals also.
Being a student of FinTaxPro, I am utterly satisfied with their courses, lectures along with his explanation.

sir your the best teacher i like your teaching style muje kuch doute the gst mai and apke ye courses me clear hoge thank you so much you are the best teacher and Nicely explained thank you so much once again for the best course

Very nice explaination of each and every topics..thanks a lot sir

My favourite teacher Mr Vivek sir ji thank you explain in GST full detail course

Sir Ji Nicely explained. Thank you for the course

Nicely explained sir ✌🏻✌🏻

Nicely explained. Thank you for the course



Material Includes

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  • 10+ Excel Computation Sheets
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  • Certificate after course completion


  • Sessions are in Hinglish

Target Audience

  • CA aspirants,
  • CA, CS, CMA want practical exposure
  • LLB practitioners and aspirants
  • Tax practitioners and accountants
  • Tax Consultants
  • Advocates
  • B. com aspirants who want to learn GST practically
  • Accountant
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  • Commerce Graduate

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