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Practical Course in Accounting

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This Practical Course in Accounting is designed to upgrade the practical accounting skills of learners. In todays complex working environment an accountant is expected to have the knowledge of Taxation and Compliance along with the knowledge of software like Tally and Busy. Complete Course is divided in 5 main modules-

Module 1- Intro to Accounting (by Vivek Sir)

Module 2- Tally with tax (by Vishal Sir)

  • Overview of Tally Prime
  • Create Ledger in Tally Prime
  • Sale Entry in Tally Prime
  • Purchase Entry in Tally Prime
  • Stock Entry in Tally Prime
  • Discount & Gowdown Entry
  • Sale Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Manufacturing Entity Accounting
  • GST Entry & adjustment in Tally
  • TDS Entry & adjustment in Tally
  • TCS Entry in Tally
  • Payroll in Tally
  • BRS in Tally

Module 3- Busy with Tax (by Vishal Sir)

  • Overview of Busy Software
  • Stock Maintenance in Busy
  • Sale Entry in Busy
  • Purchase Entry in Busy
  • GST in Busy
  • TDS in Busy
  • TCS in Busy
  • Payroll in Busy

Module 4- TDS Provisions (by Vivek Sir)

  • Intro to TDS
  • Sec 192 TDS on Salary Computation
  • Sec 194C TDS on Contract
  • Sec 194D TDS on insurance commission
  • Sec 194H TDS on commission and Brokerage
  • Sec 194I TDS on Rent
  • Sec 194J TDS on Professional & Technical Services
  • Sec 194O TDS on E comm transactions
  • Sec 194Q TDS on Purchase of Goods
  • Sec 194R TDS on Benefits & Perquisites
  • Sec 206AB Higher Rate of TDS
  • Sec 206C(1H) TCS on Sales of Goods
  • Sec 206C(1H) Practical FAQ

Module 5- Account Finalization (by Vivek Sir)

  • Year end Entries
  • Adjustment Entries
  • GST Portal reco with books
  • Form 26As reco with books
  • Ledger Scrutiny
  • Debtor Creditor Aging Analysis
  • Provision Booking
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Compliance Check
  • Preparing PnL Account
  • Preparing Balance Sheet
  • Projected financials

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What Will You Learn?

  • Tally with Tax
  • Busy with Tax
  • TDS provisions
  • TDS Calculations
  • Adjustment Entries
  • Account Finalization
  • Projected Financial Statements

Course Content

Welcome Toolkit

  • Welcome Toolkit

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Introduction to Accounting

Tally with Tax

Busy with Tax

TDS Provisions

Account Finalization

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2 months ago
Vivek sir samja rahe utana e Vishal sir nahi samja rahe he
12 months ago
1 year ago
Amazing & very Helpful Course.
1 year ago
Vivek sir teaches very well, friends, take a look at the access to the course, if you don't know anything, you will learn a lot from this course.
1 year ago
theek hee hai.....
1 year ago
very good experiance

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