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This Excel course will help the learner to get a complete overview of Excel from basic to advance. The learner will get practical assignments like payroll preparation, GST calculation, TDS calculation, Profit Calculation in Excel. This course is prepared to keep in view the practical approach and use of Excel.


Specifically, if you are from Finance, Accounts and Taxation background this course is best for you.

Below are the topics covered in the course-

Overview of Excel

  • Ribbon
  • Tabs
  • Groups
  • Formula/Function bar
  • Grids and Cells
  • Workbook
  • Sheet
  • Hyperlink in Excel
  • Hide Show Row/Column in Excel
  • Add a row/Column in Excel
  • Split text
  • Combining Text of two cells
  • Convert Excel to PDF
  • How to remove formula without changing the value
  • Shrink Text in Excel
  • Pivot Table Analysis – Basic
  • Convert number to words
  • Mail Merge and its use

Common Formulas of Excel

  • Sum
  • Sum if
  • Sumifs
  • Count
  • Concatenate
  • If
  • If error
  • Vlookup
  • Xlookup
  • Absolute Value
  • Round
  • Left, Mid, Right

Practical Assignment

Amazon Profit Calculator

  • Using if formula with multiple conditions
  • Calculation Profit per unit
  • How to Lock and Hide cells
  • Protect Excel sheets and cells
  • Use of Data Validation in Excel

Advanced Pivot Table in Excel

  • Practical Learnt to compute GST with the help of Pivot Table
  • Multiple Pivot Table in Excel
  • Classic Pivot Table
  • Design Pivot Table

Salary Calculation in Excel with Payroll Compliance

  • PF Calculation in Excel
  • ESI Calculation in Excel
  • Bonus Calculation in Excel
  • CTC Calculation in Excel
  • In-Hand Salary Calculation
  • Deduction in Salary and its complete calculation in Excel

Fully Automated GST Invoice

  • Use of Data Validation
  • How to use the If error formula
  • How to use data validation in Excel.
  • How to use spell number formula to convert numbers into words.

What Will I Learn?

  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Key Functions and Formulas of Excel
  • Detail Salary Computation in Excel
  • Development of Amazon Profit Calculation in Excel
  • Basic to Advance Pivot Tables in Excel
  • Bulk Invoicing and Mail Merge in Excel
  • GST Calculation in Excel
  • Spell Number Formula with VBA Coding
  • Fully Automated GST invoice in Excel

Topics for this course

22 Lessons10h 25m

Intro & Basics of Excel

Intro to Excel & workbook5:31
Ribbons, Tabs & Excel3:04
Cell Name2:41
Formula Function Bar1:32
Working Area in Excel2:38
Use of Save and Save as3:55
Hyperlink in Excel9:26
Rows & Column in Excel11:01
Split Text and Combined Cell9:37
Lock & Hide Cells6:37
Print & Export3:59
Shrink Text4:04
Spell Number in Excel10:31
Mail Merge in Excel13:25
Basic Pivot Table in Excel13:53
Basic Excel Formula38:05

Salary Calculation in Excel

Pivot Table in Excel

Amazon Profit Calculator

Automated GST Invoice in Excel

Course Completion Certificate

About the instructor

Vivek Awasthi

Founder, FinTaxPro

Professionally I am a  Tax consultant having experience of more than 6 years field of taxation, handling GST & Income Tax compliance along with giving online practical sessions and webinar to students and professionals. By our courses learner continue to learn & expanded their perspective & sharpened their skills in Indirect Taxation. I try to break down the complex provisions of GST & Income Tax in such a lucid manner that a learner could easily understand the theme and objective of law.

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Sir you course is good but you have to increase content for excel

Superb Content

It's good for the beginners... ✌️
Thank you...

res sirji
always decent
thanks much more



Material Includes

  • Attendance Sheet Template
  • Salary Sheet Template
  • Amazon Profit Calculator
  • Automated GST Invoice Template
  • Salary TDS Calculator


  • Be able to understand Hindi

Target Audience

  • Commerce Students want to learn Excel through practical approach
  • Students interested in learning Excel
  • Advocate, CA, CS, CMA want to improve their Excel Skills
  • Students interested in Data Analysis and MIS
  • Professional interested to learn Excel from practical approach

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