Welcome Toolkit for CA & Tax Professionals?

Welcome toolkit contain Notes, Excel, Bare Act, Templates to be used by Tax professionals & CAs

Introduction to GST?

In this session we have cover the introduction to GST

Overview of GST?

In this session we will discuss in brief about the GST concepts

Supply under GST

Charge of GST

Composition Levy in GST


Exempt Supply in GST

Time of Supply in GST

Value of Supply in GST

Types of Supply in GST

Place of Supply in GST

Input Tax Credit in GST

Registration in GST

Tax Invoice, Debit Notes and Credit Note in GST

Interest on GST

Assessment & Audit in GST

Inspection, Search and Seizure in GST

Demand & Recovery in GST?

Demand & Recovery in GST

Appeal & Revision in GST?

Appeal in GST

Advance Ruling AAR in GST?

Advance Ruling AAR

Returns in GST?

Overview of Returns in GST

Overview of GST Portal?

Overview of GST Portal

Practical session on GSTR 1

Practical session on IFF

Practical session on ITC Reconciliation

Practical session on GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B

Practical session on GSTR 3B (Regular)

Practical session on GSTR 3B (QRMP)?

GSTR 3B for taxpayers opted for QRMP Scheme

Practical Session in GSTR 1 & 3B Filing

Practical session on GST Computation

Practical session on GSTR 9

Practical session on GSTR 9C?

Practical Session on GSTR 9C

Practical session on GST Computation (Online Seller)?

GST Calculation and Return for Online Seller

Practical session on GSTR 10

Practical session on e invoicing

Introduction to Income Tax Act

Residential Status

Income under the head Salary?

Income under the head Salary

Income under the head House Property?

Income under the head House Property

Income under the head PGBP

Income under the head Capital Gain

Income under the head Other Source

Set Off or Carry Forward of Losses?

Set Off or Carry Forward of Losses


Advance Tax

Interest on Income Tax?

Interest on Income Tax

New Income Tax Portal

Annual Information Statement?

Annual information statement & Taxpayer information summary

ITR 1 Filing on New Portal?

In this session we will discuss about Income Tax Return 1 on new income tax portal

ITR 4 Filing on New Portal?

In this session we will discuss about ITR 4 and its filing

ITR 2 Filing in New Portal

ITR 3 Filing

ITR 5 Filing

Cash Transactions in Income Tax

Balance sheet and Account Finalization

Vodafone Case Law


Overview of New Income Tax Portal

📍In this session we have overview the new income tax portal recently launched by the government. Government is very positive about the new portal, however the taxpayer and tax professionals are still facing issues and bugs in new income tax portal.

🔗New e filing 2.0 Portal 

📍As per government following features are incorporated in new e filing portal.

  • New taxpayer friendly portal integrated with immediate processing of Income Tax Returns(ITRs) to issue quick refunds to taxpayers;
  • All interactions and uploads or pending actions will be displayed on a single dashboard for follow-up action by taxpayer;
  • Free of cost ITR preparation software available online and offline with interactive questions to help taxpayers fill ITR even without any tax knowledge, with prefilling, for minimizing data entry effort;
  • New call center for taxpayer assistance for immediate answers to taxpayer queries with FAQs, Tutorials, Videos and chatbot/live agent;
  • All key portal functions on desktop will be available on Mobile App which will be enabled subsequently for full anytime access on mobile network;
  • New online tax payment system on new portal will be enabled subsequently with multiple new payment options using net banking, UPI, Credit Card and RTGS/NEFT from any account of taxpayer in any bank, for easy payment of taxes.
  • 📍On the other hand following difficulties are faced by the taxpayers and tax professionals-
  • Website is not loading properly
  • Certain forms like 15CA, 15CB are showing error
  • Old ITR are not showing on the portal in some cases
  • PAN Verification is showing wrong information
  • Call center are not answering call properly