Welcome Toolkit for CA & Tax Professionals?

Welcome toolkit contain Notes, Excel, Bare Act, Templates to be used by Tax professionals & CAs

Introduction to GST?

In this session we have cover the introduction to GST

Overview of GST?

In this session we will discuss in brief about the GST concepts

Supply under GST

Charge of GST

Composition Levy in GST


Exempt Supply in GST

Time of Supply in GST

Value of Supply in GST

Types of Supply in GST

Place of Supply in GST

Input Tax Credit in GST

Registration in GST

Tax Invoice, Debit Notes and Credit Note in GST

Interest on GST

Assessment & Audit in GST

Inspection, Search and Seizure in GST

Demand & Recovery in GST?

Demand & Recovery in GST

Appeal & Revision in GST?

Appeal in GST

Advance Ruling AAR in GST?

Advance Ruling AAR

Returns in GST?

Overview of Returns in GST

Overview of GST Portal?

Overview of GST Portal

Practical session on GSTR 1

Practical session on IFF

Practical session on ITC Reconciliation

Practical session on GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B

Practical session on GSTR 3B (Regular)

Practical session on GSTR 3B (QRMP)?

GSTR 3B for taxpayers opted for QRMP Scheme

Practical Session in GSTR 1 & 3B Filing

Practical session on GST Computation

Practical session on GSTR 9

Practical session on GSTR 9C?

Practical Session on GSTR 9C

Practical session on GST Computation (Online Seller)?

GST Calculation and Return for Online Seller

Practical session on GSTR 10

Practical session on e invoicing

Introduction to Income Tax Act

Residential Status

Income under the head Salary?

Income under the head Salary

Income under the head House Property?

Income under the head House Property

Income under the head PGBP

Income under the head Capital Gain

Income under the head Other Source

Set Off or Carry Forward of Losses?

Set Off or Carry Forward of Losses


Advance Tax

Interest on Income Tax?

Interest on Income Tax

New Income Tax Portal

Annual Information Statement?

Annual information statement & Taxpayer information summary

ITR 1 Filing on New Portal?

In this session we will discuss about Income Tax Return 1 on new income tax portal

ITR 4 Filing on New Portal?

In this session we will discuss about ITR 4 and its filing

ITR 2 Filing in New Portal

ITR 3 Filing

ITR 5 Filing

Cash Transactions in Income Tax

Balance sheet and Account Finalization

Vodafone Case Law


Form 27EQ Filing

In this session we have discuss about TCS Return filing. Forms 27EQ is a quarterly statement that mention details and information regarding tax collected at source at the end of every quarter as per Section 206C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Who is required to submit Form 27EQ?

The following entities are required to submit Form 27EQ

  • Corporate deductors and collectors
  • Government deductors and collectors

Contents of Form 27EQ

Section 1:

This section requires the deductor to fill in the following information:

  • TAN Details
  • PAN Details
  • The financial year
  • The year of assessment
  • Whether a statement has already been filed previously for the quarter in question
  • If such a statement has been filed then the provisional receipt number of the original statement will have to be provided

Section 2:

Under this section the following details and information of the collector will have to be filled in:

  • The name of the collector
  • The collector’s branch or division, if applicable
  • The collector’s personal and residential details such as:
  • Full address
  • Telephone number
  • E-Mail address

Section 3:

This section will contain the following details and information of the person in charge of tax collection

  • The individual’s name
  • The individual’s full address

Section 4:

This section is to be filled with the following information regarding the tax collected at source and subsequently paid to the credit of the Central Government:

  • The collection code
  • The amount of Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
  • The surcharge amount
  • The amount of Education Cess
  • The amount of interest charged
  • Any other amount
  • The total tax deposit, which is the sum of the above mentioned amounts
  • The cheque number or Demand Draft number if applicable
  • The BSR code
  • The date on which the tax amount was deposited
  • The transfer voucher number or the challan serial number
  • If the Tax Collected at Source was deposited via book entry

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